was founded in 2016 as a new international venture of NS, the Dutch railway company. The site was designed to accommodate the increasing number of international travelers. concept

The concept

Our thorough research revealed that travelers outside of Europe look for different information than Dutch citizens. We show their potential journey on a map, display the train’s interior, and present practical information about both the departure and arrival station. A journey rarely ends at the train station. We also inform travelers on public transportation options and taxi services. We are still improving the content and design of and welcome your feedback.

Member of the Dutch railway company

Member of the Dutch railway company is a new venture of NS, the Dutch railway company founded back in 1837. NS facilitates train travel, both domestic and international, to over 3,300 European destinations for millions of travelers. NS is one the best known Dutch brands. The train plays an important daily role in people’s commute.

To achieve its broad European coverage, NS International partners with all European carriers. These carriers include Thalys, ICE International, TGV and Eurostar. All bookings, as well as our after-sales activities, is coordinated by NS International. guarantees competitive ticket prices as well as 24/7 customer service in English.

Over 3,300 destinations

Over 3,300 destinations

On you can book train tickets with ease to over 3,300 European destinations. Ride on fast-speed trains at 300 km/h towards most major destinations. Train travel in Europe is often faster and more affordable than air, especially considering that trains take you from city center to city center. Sit comfortably, relax, work, or stare with leisure out your window to watch the European landscape zoom by. Check out our popular cities displayed on the site, or use the booker tool to find tickets to all 3,300 European destinations.

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