About this trip

  • Amsterdam Central
    • Amsterdam Airport
    • Rotterdam Central
    • Antwerp Central
    • Brussels South
  • Paris
Travel time 3 h 18 min
Board directly, no check-ins
10 connections a day
Arrive in the city center

Practical Details

Food & drinks
Classes & facilities

1st class

When traveling 1st class (Premium), a meal, tailored to the time of the day, will be served at your seat. The price is included in your ticket. A meat, fish, or vegetarian option will be available

2nd class

When traveling 2nd class (Standard), you can buy food and drinks at the Thalys on-board bistro. Meals are tailored to the time of the day. Vegetarian options are available. You are also free to pack your own meal and drinks to enjoy on the train.

Thalys regularly changes the on-board menu.


When traveling on the Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris you can choose between two travel classes.

2nd class

The 2nd class coaches in Thalys trains are known as ‘Standard.’ With a Standard ticket you can expect individual comfortable seats, access to the free Wi-Fi connection, and European power sockets.

1st class

The 1st class coaches in Thalys trains are known as ‘Premium.’ Premium tickets offer wider seats with additional legroom, and coaches with a calm atmosphere. Complimentary meals, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, are served at your seat. Individual power sockets are accessible at your seat. Premium travelers also have access to a selection of international newspapers. You can make a taxi reservation with the on-board team and have the driver meet you at the station. With a Premium ticket you also receive access to the NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Central Station, Rotterdam, and Schiphol. Like all passengers, you have access to the free Wi-Fi.


  • Individual European power sockets (220v, 2 pins) available in each seat
  • Hot and cold drinks, meals, as well as snacks, are available at the Thalys on-board bistro
  • Free Wi-Fi access for all passengers
  • Toilets, wheelchair accessible and otherwise, are available on each train
  • Onboard baby changing facilities as well as a washbasin and bottle warmer are available in select carriages
  • Purchase public transportation tickets for Paris at the on board bistro

With a Thalys ticket you can bring up to two pieces of luggage with dimensions of 75 x 53 x 30cm, as well as one small piece of hand luggage. There are no restrictions on liquids like on airplanes. Luggage on board the Thalys must be labeled. You can store your bags in the luggage racks above the chairs, at the luggage areas at either end of each carriage, or on the floor between some of the back-to-back seats.

Baby carriages or prams travel for free in addition to your luggage allowance. Simply fold it before boarding and store it in the storage areas of your carriage.

Thalys offers 1st class (Comfort and Premium) and 2nd class (Standard) tickets with different levels of flexibility. All tickets include an automatic and obligatory chair reservation.

Children under 4 travel for free when they don’t require a separate seat. Thalys offers a special ticket price for children under 4 that travel in a separate seat and for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Tickets can be purchased 4 months in advance. The earlier you book the cheaper they are.

Flexibility Levels

The price of a Thalys ticket is determined by the comfort class and its flexibility to exchange or request a refund.

Only Semi-Flexible and Fully-Flexible tickets are exchangeable or refundable before departure.

Semi-flexible: This level is available for both Comfort and Standard. Their flexibility is limited; they can be exchanged once up to a day before departure and are partially refundable up to the departure. The refunded amount is 50% of the total ticket price.

Fully-flexible: This level is only available in Premium. These tickets can be exchanged or refunded fully before departure at the station and 50% until two months after departure.

Extremely convenient Female - From Australia - 19

It is an extremely convenient, comfortable, and spacious way to travel. The train stations are usually quite central to the city centre. It makes it easy to get to the hotel. I also love seeing the views on the way!

Faster than traveling by plane Female - From Mexico - 27

It was easier and faster than traveling by plane. I am traveling Europe for two months on a budget, and train travel suits me.

Saves time and resources Male - From USA - 49

Taking the train saves time and resources. There is easier access to seeing the countryside and cultural sightseeing.

Beautiful sights! Male - From Pakistan - 45

I take the train to see the countryside and beautiful sights!

Accessible as well as comfortable Male - From India - 32

It is cheaper than airplane and it’s accessible as well as comfortable.

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