The Intercity Brussels is the international train that connects Amsterdam to Brussels through Rotterdam and Antwerp. It is not possible to reserve a seat for the Intercity Brussels. Book at least 7 days before departure and you will travel for the best price anywhere in Belgium.

The Intercity Brussels train is owned by the Dutch and Belgian railway group.

  • 16 daily connections between Amsterdam and Brussels
  • Take any train you like
  • Always the same price

Practical Details

Food & drinks
Classes & facilities

Only on some Intercity Brussels trains trolley catering with drinks and snacks will have selected items for sale. Therefore it is recommended to eat before, either at the station or simply bring your own food and drink with you on board. If connecting further towards London with the Eurostar, you can purchase meals on the Eurostar train during the second leg of your journey.


When traveling with an Intercity Brussels train you can choose between two travel classes.

2nd class

The 2nd class offers comfortable individuals chairs.

1st class

1st class on the Intercity Brussels offers wider seats with more legroom. European power outlets are available, usually in the ceiling above the seats. You can also enjoy access, and a free drink, at the comfortable NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Schiphol.

You are advised to bring only luggage that you can easily carry on and off and stow away in the available storage areas. Small pieces of luggage can be placed on the luggage racks above the seats. Larger items of luggage can be placed in specially provided spaces found between the seats.


  • European power sockets (220v, 2 pins) available in 1st class
  • Toilets, wheelchair accessible and otherwise, are available on each train
  • Wheelchair accessible access located in the center of the train

Intercity Brussels offers 1st and 2nd class tickets. Seat reservations are not possible. Although you must specify a travel time when booking tickets online, you are not obligated to travel at this time. You are welcome to take any train leaving that day at any time.

Children 3 years or younger travel for free as long as they don’t require their own seat.

Children 4 to 11 can travel for €0 per one-way trip when accompanied by an adult. Please note that the child will still require their own ticket which can be booked through the website.

Flexibility Levels

Tickets provide access to any train leaving that day and are therefore completely flexible.