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FAQ was founded in 2016 as the new international venue of the NS, the Dutch railway company. While is young, the NS exists since 1837 and plays a important and trusted role in the lives of millions of travelers. serves to inform the international audience. All ticket bookings, as well as the 24/7 customer services, are served by the NS. therefore guarantees competitive ticket prices as well as great customer service.

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For more information about NS or NS International visit their websites: is the platform that serves international travelers, but our ticket bookings are coordinated by the Dutch railway company, the NS.

You can buy tickets with a creditcard. We support Mastercard, Visa and American Express. PayPal is not (yet) supported.

Usually yes, depending on the ticket class and flexibility you’ve booked. On our carrier pages we thoroughly explain the ticket flexibility options and your ability to request a refund or rebook. The cheapest tickets often offer less flexibility than more expensive tickets. Make sure you know which type of ticket you are buying.

All ticket bookings through are coordinated by the NS, giving customers the same rights and benefits provided to the thousands of tickets booked daily on our Dutch website.

This depends on your destination and carrier. Most tickets can be booked 90 days to 6 months in advance of the departure date. You can also sign-up for the booking-alert when looking for tickets outside the regular ‘booking horizon.’ You’ll receive an email reminder as soon as tickets are available. You’ll be the first to book the most affordable tickets. Your email will not be used for anything else.

Book early to find the most affordable tickets. We sell all our tickets at competitive prices thanks to our strong partnership with European rail operators. We never charge a booking fee through

All tickets booked on are delivered as an e-ticket. You can upload your ticket to the free NS International app from the link in your booking confirmation. You can also print your e-ticket on A4 paper or a letter sized format. The barcode must be scannable and the passenger details readable.

Please visit our more extensive FAQ on the NS website: